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Andrew Woodard

Systems Analyst

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Tommy Russell

Wannabee Hunter

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Evelyn Maxwell

Quality Tester

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Rudolph Conner

Search Analyst

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Courtney Hendrix

Web Designer

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Paul Livingston

Graphic Designer

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Leroy Smith

The Boss

Leroy is an office all-rounder and sees any difficuly task as an opportunity to learn. He is a a quick learner. The rest of this text is just filler content to fill up the space. The images on this page was found on

Kimberly Houston

Chief Operating Officer

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Peyton Hopper

Makeup Artist

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Juan McMahon

Party Pooper

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Tabitha Manning

Art Director

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Johnnie Matthews


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Santa Clause

Ginger Cookie Eater

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Eric Andrews

Conspiracy Theorist

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Donnie Sargent


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Kathleen Tucker

Creative Director

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